Franc D'Ambrosio's Broadway

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  • Show date: April 14
  • Start time: 4:00pm
  • Ticket Prices: $30-$20

This performance is a part of our Midland Memories Series, geared toward bringing back special moments from the past.

Franc D'Ambrosio is best known for his impressive portrayal of the "Phantom" in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Tony Award winning Musical, The Phantom Of The Opera.

Affectionately known as Phantom's "The Iron Man of The Mask" Franc D'Ambrosio was awarded the distinction as the "Worlds Longest Running Phantom ". This accomplishment was immortalized in a cemented hand ceremony and Franc retained this title for over a decade.

D'Ambrosio's resume also includes an Academy Award Nominated film, an Emmy Award Nominated television show, a four time Tony nominated Broadway show, Two Grammy Considerations, and a National Theatre Award Nomination.

Early in D'Ambrosio's career, Paramount Pictures sent five talent scouts on an exhausting two year international search. That search ended when they discovered D'Ambrosio in the chorus of his first Broadway show. Francis Ford Coppola immediately cast D'Ambrosio as Anthony Corleone, the opera singing son of Al Pacino and Diane Keaton in Coppola's seven time Academy Award nominated film Godfather III.

Franc not only had the honor of starring in the film, he also sang the Academy Award winning theme song, "Speak Softly Love" (Brucia la Terra) - both in the film and on the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

This performance of the award winning song so impressed the late Luciano Pavarotti that it led to an invitation - which was quickly accepted - for him to study with the legendary tenor, for a summer, at his home in Italy. So began this varied and noteworthy career. In August 2007 Franc was happy to reconnect with some of the Godfather III alumni at a special screening of the film by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences as part of their film series "Great To Be Nominated".

D'Ambrosio next caught the eye of Barry Manilow. In early 2000 Manilow personally selected him to create and star as the male lead, "Tony", in the pre-Broadway tour of Copacabana. The show enjoyed a successful year long tour. His performance earned D'Ambrosio his National Theatre Award nomination for Best Male Performer in a Musical.