Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

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Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

Ernie Haase Bio

Ernie and Lisa Haase make their home in Stow, Ohio, a quiet suburb on the outskirts of Akron, and enjoy attending Cleveland Cavalier basketball games as often as possible. Ernie Haase is a man living his dream.

At a very young age, Ernie shared with his parents the desire to "sing for Jesus," and he's been fulfilling that desire ever since. "God has allowed so many of my dreams to come true. I am a very blessed man," Haase says with a big smile.

The Evansville, IN, native grew up enjoying the sounds of Gospel music and more specifically, quartet music. His favorite quartet was the legendary Cathedrals. "I remember going to hear them sing anytime they were near my hometown. When I was a teenager, I would always show up early, sometimes even before they did, and help them unload their bus. It was my dream to sing with them one day."

That dream became a reality in 1990, when Ernie received the call to join his favorite quartet. At the time Ernie, who had previously sung with renown songwriter Squire Parsons in his quartet, Redeemed, was doing solo concerts and traveling in his car wherever he was invited to sing. On one particular night in the spring of 1990, Ernie was invited to sing at his alma mater, Oakland City College, in his hometown. Also scheduled at the concert was the Cathedrals. Little did Ernie know that his performance that evening would serve as his unofficial audition for the legendary quartet.

The Cathedrals' bass singer, George Younce, was waiting in the wings, backstage, watching and listening to Haase's performance. Obviously, George liked what he heard and saw because within a week, Ernie was making his way to meet the group for his first performance as the Cathedrals' tenor.

Shortly thereafter, Ernie had the opportunity to meet the entire Younce family. Ernie's attention was quickly captured by George's daughter, Lisa, and following a whirlwind courtship, the two married in December of 1990. "Lisa is my best friend. We just love spending time together."

Lisa helps Ernie in the Signature Sound office, handling the business affairs of the quartet, and when the two aren't busy working, they enjoy reading, biking and simply spending time together. The two often take trips to their favorite city, Chicago. Also in his spare time, Ernie enjoys playing and watching basketball and working out. He also enjoys collecting vintage albums of some of the great Gospel quartets, both black Gospel artists and Southern Gospel artists, and has a huge collection of many classic recordings, as well as a variety of Elvis Presley memorabilia.

Ian Owens Bio

Ian is originally from Mississippi and has lived outside of Nashville, TN for some time now. Ian is 30 years old and as you can see has a lovely family. He and his wife Megan have a son named Liam and a daughter named Taylor.

Ian comes from a long line of Gospel quartet bass singers. His grandfather Bid Owens Sr. sang with The Deacon Quartet then his father Butch Owens sang with The Watchmen Quartet, The Anchormen, The Stamps Quartet and The Florida Boys.

Before taking this job Ian sang for 10 years with two different groups. He started when he was 19 years old with the Cumberland Boys Quartet out of Branson’s Silver Dollar City theme park.

More recently Armond Morales hired Ian as his replacement to become only the 2nd bass ever in the history of the Imperials. The Imperials started with Jake Hess in 1964 and had one of the smoothest sounds ever. Ian has that George Younce/ Armond Morales feel to his voice. As you will hear, the kid is a singer first and a bass singer second. That is what we were looking for in addition to his love for God and for people. And as that goes, Ian is a licensed minister.

Doug Anderson Bio

Basketball fans who watched Doug Anderson play for Lapel High School in the late 1980s probably had no idea what his post high school ambition really was.

Most probably assumed that the all-county, all-state player, longed to become a college and NBA star. Little did they know that this standout athlete, who went on to play for Purdue University, actually aspired to become a full-time Gospel singer.

Of course, those who knew Doug best knew he was a product of a singing family and that his first love, indeed, was music. No one knew this more than Doug, himself, who believed with all his heart that God would one day allow him to live his dream of becoming a full-time quartet member.

That dream became a reality when Doug joined a quartet known as Lighthouse. His membership with Lighthouse led to a meeting with Ernie Haase when Lighthouse sang with Doug's favorite quartet, the Cathedrals. "Ernie was singing with the Cathedrals," Doug recalls, "and we developed a pretty good friendship. We had a mutual love for quartet music and basketball. Knowing one day that the Cathedrals would retire, Ernie told me if he ever started a group, he would call me. A few years later he did."

A small town boy at heart, Doug is thankful his career as a member of Signature Sound still allows him to live in his hometown of Lapel, IN. He and his wife, Michele, who were high school sweethearts, married in August of 1998. Michele shares Doug's love for sports, often calling him with scores and play-by-play updates when Doug is unable to watch a game due to his travels.

The couple has two beautiful daughters, Isabel and Emma, who already show promise of having that same love for athletics as their parents. Both enjoy watching and playing a variety of sports with their parents. "Family time is so precious," Doug says with a smile. "We spend every possible moment together."

Devin McGlamery Bio

Devin McGlamery joined EHSS as lead singer in December 2009, following a five-year career as lead and tenor for southern gospel's Grammy-nominated Karen Peck & New River. Before KPNR, Devin spent five years with the Dixie Melody Boys, another popular gospel group he started touring with when he was just 17.

"To say I'm excited about being with Signature Sound is an understatement," said Devin. "Ernie and I have been great friends for years. I've always had a lot of admiration for him as a singer and as a person. Words cannot express how wonderful I feel about this opportunity for my career and my family." A native of Valdosta, Georgia, Devin is 27 and lives in Kinston, North Carolina, with his wife, Karen Ham McGlamery, and their children, Karlyn and Preston.

Before he was 10, Devin knew he wanted to be a gospel singer and Grammy winner. During his formative years, he followed a simple rule: accept any and every opportunity to sing. And so, he performed as often as possible in local churches and festivals, and in local concerts. "As you're finding your voice and your niche, I always say, no matter what, whenever you get an opportunity to sing, sing," said Devin. "You never know who is going to be in the audience."

To his very point, one day at age 11, Devin was performing at an event outside of Mathis City Auditorium in Valdosta. In the audience was the promoter of a large gospel group who was wowed by the young super-talent. Sure enough, Devin got signed.

During that stretch, he shared the stage with many gospel stars. He traveled and performed and also managed to keep up with his studies. Near the end of his senior year at Valdosta's Open Bible Christian School, he heard about an opening with the Dixie Melody Boys.

Devin's mom, Sandra McGlamery, stayed up late preparing his resume. The next day, his dad, Don, attempted to fax the resume to the gospel group. But their fax wasn't working and one of the Dixie Melody Boys answered the phone instead. Don said he had the group's next singer.

Devin had already met the Dixie Melody Boys at one of their shows, but wasn't relying on that encounter to be remembered by the group, given how many fans and budding artists they meet on the road every year. The Boys could have easily discounted Don's potential bias about his son's vocal ability, but they agreed to meet him. They loved what they heard, and signed him.

Devin finished his last two weeks of school and, shortly after graduation, moved to the Dixie Melody Boys' home state of North Carolina and started traveling the country with them... blossoming as a young professional gospel singer and as an individual.

Ernie Haase