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The Newark Midland Theatre Association is a local organization dedicated to building value in our community with the positive, shared experiences of the performing arts, both locally produced and nationally recognized, in the beautifully restored Midland Theatre. Built in 1928, The Midland Theatre annually presents touring and local artists through its four performance series and other events. Movie classics return to The Midland's big screen for holidays and during the summer.

Minimum Stage Requirements

Stage is 40 feet wide by 27 feet deep. Wing space is 15 feet stage right; 6 feet stage left. Approximately 4 square feet in upstage left wing is taken by spiral staircase. Any crossover must be created within 27 foot depth. There is a 'pit cap' that extends 8' center stage.


1,241 seats


There are no washers and dryers on site; however we do have access across the street at the hotel.

Dressing Rooms

We have three dressing rooms. The 'Star' dressing room is immediately off stage right, down five steps, then nine steps. It is nicely appointed with new furniture; a couch seating three, loveseat seating two and a side chair. It also have a private bath and large make-up mirror.

Opposite the 'Star' dressing room is the orchestra pit, which is covered. We have utilized this space for green room/catering/wardrobe as necessary.

The 'chorus' dressing rooms are located on levels two and three. Again, access is immediately off stage right, but up seven then eight steps at each level. Chorus rooms are sufficiently large to accommodate 15 to 20 people. Furniture consists of chairs for the large make-up mirrors.

There is a private bath in each dressing room. There are no shower facilities in any dressing room.

Further Information

For further information and details on billing, etc. please contact the Midland Box Office at 740.345.LIVE.

midland theatre interior