Elivs Tribute

Boz Scaggs -10.31.2014

Boz Scaggs is both a musical seeker and a man of sizable talent as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. His explorations in blues and r&b, rock and jazz have produced lasting work and a career that has brought with it acclaim, a loyal following, and an enduring respect among musicians. Read More>>

Elivs Tribute

The Ultimate Elvis Tribute with Mike Albert -11.2.2014

Support The Coalition of Care and enjoy an amazing concert from the one and only Mike Albert. Read More>>

The McCartney Years

The McCartney Years -11.7.2014

There are many Beatles tributes. But there's only one show that celebrates the genius of Paul McCartney at the height of his career in the mid 1970s. And this is it! Read More>>

The Dallas Brass

The Dallas Brass featuring Bryan Anthony -11.8.2014

Dallas Brass has become one of America's foremost musical ensembles. Their repertoire includes classical masterpieces, Dixieland, swing, Broadway, Hollywood and patriotic music. Read More>>

Doolittle Raiders

The Doolittle Raiders -11.11.2014

The Raiders were a crew of 80 brave men who flew 16 Army Air Force medium-size bombers off the deck of the USS Hornet to bomb the Japanese mainland, just 132 days after Pearl Harbor. These brave soldiers were told, "Some of you will come back as heroes; others as angels."
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Wild Carrot

Wild Carrot -11.13.2014

This Cincinnati-based, award-winning group has what it takes to please all types of Roots music fans. With a foot in traditional American music, their repertoire branches in diverse directions: from award-winning original tunes to swing, blues and traditional songs, using guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, concertina, and vocals.
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Backstage Brews

Backstage Brews -11.14.2014

Have you ever been on the stage of The Midland Theatre? Now's your chance. We will set a small cabaret style evening on the Midland stage. With special guests, The Granville Brewing Company and Palumbo's Italian market we will enjoy drinks, delicious food in a great evening.
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Darius Rucker

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On December 20, 1928, just a few days before Christmas, the sidewalks of the Newark, Ohio Town Square were filled with shoppers in search of last-minute gifts. Amidst all the hustle and bustle, on North Park Place there was a line of people – hundreds of them – people standing in place for hours....
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